Who we are

Epitomical's journey began in 2013, through a chance encounter with the makers of PacMan, at a London Gaming event.Witnessing Namco Bandai’s lively showcase, where smartphones were prizes for coin-operated games, we saw an opportunity to enter the emerging markets with such products. Epitomical and its subsidiary brand, Spur, were born.

Spur pursued a mission to craft quality, affordable devices. It catered to consumers in Western Europe and the Emerging Markets, gaining partners and customers like Google and Sony. Subsequently, Epitomical ventured into Connected Autonomy, clinching its first project, Project Alloyed, part-funded by Innovate UK.

Despite it being uncharted territory, the company successfully led a large and diverse consortium in this exciting market. As the journey persists, Epitomical stands resolute in its innovation, heralding a future where tech empowers industries and transcends imagination. 

Credit - 5G HEART Project Team, (Helsinki, Finland)


Years in the market


Engagements completed

Innovation Lifecycle & Philosophy

Our design and engineering philosophy lies at the cutting edge of technological advancement, centered around modular and composable architectures and systems. 

Sectors and Geography

Operating across the globe, we have successfully delivered our expertise and solutions across diverse regions and nations.

Our portfolio proudly spans collaborations with Governments, Enterprises, and SMEs, reflecting our versatility and impactful activities across the globe.

Pioneering with Versatility


Our journeys span from Applied Research, operating from the inception of visionary ideas to the transformation of concepts into reality.

With our approach of capitalising on the later stages of Applied Research, we maximise practical and impactful outcomes, swiftly advancing technologies to real-world applications.
From Applied Research to Product Development and the Go-To-Market phase, we navigate across the R&D lifecycle with precision and expertise. Our philosophy is rooted in delivering tangible solutions which address real-world challenges that can transform industries.

Compliance,  Certifications & Code of Practice

Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our certifications, rigorous compliance practices, and a collection of distinguished awards. These accolades reflect our unwavering dedication to meeting the highest industry standards, fostering trust, and achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients and partners.